Prof. Ralph Robinson PhD Professor of Parasitology
Dept. of Life Sciences, UWI, Mona
Dr. Tunde Bewaji Department of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy
UWI, Mona
Mr. Everton Hannam Secretary-General
Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO
Ms. Gillian Mignott Pharmacist, Bioethicist & University Lecturer, UTECH
Miss. Godiva Golding Youth Representative JNATCOM
Mr. Simeon Mohansingh Bioethicist and University Lecturer (UWI)
Dr. Maria Smith Culture
Ms. Donna McKoy, Registered Nurse and Pharmacist
Ms. Sarah Newland-Martin Executive Director, YMCA
Mr. Carey Brown Executive Director, JADCO
Rev. Gary Harriot Jamaica Council of Churches
The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Synod Administration Centre (SAC)
Ms. Erica Virtue Editor
The Gleaner Company Limited
Mr. Vincent Morrison President
Union of Clerical Administrative & Supervising Employees
Mr. Charles Grant Director General
International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences, University of the West Indies
Dr. Wayne West Chairman
Jamaican Coalition for a Healthy Society


Dr. John Ayotunde (Tunde) Bewaji Chair Coordinator, Philosophy Section
Department of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy, UWI, Mona 
Dr. Anthony Mullings Senior Lecturer,
Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Child Health, UWI, Mona
Dr. Derrick Aarons  Consultant Bioethicist and Palliative Care & Family Physician
President, The Bioethics Society of the English-speaking Caribbean (BSEC)
Ms. Nancy Anderson  Secretary: Legal Officer,
Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights
Ms. Cheryl Marlene Lorane Brown Attorney at Law
Mrs. Shereen Dawkins-Cox Bioethics Society of the English-Speaking Caribbean (Secretary)
Dr. Sheila Campbell-Forrester Chief Medical Officer,
Ministry of Health
Rt. Rev. Dr. Howard Gregory Bishop of Montego Bay
Rev. Garth Minott Anglican Tutor UTCWI & Chaplain UWI 
Jamaica Council of Churches 
 Dr. Claude Packer Principal, 
Mico University College
Prof. Ralph Robinson    Professor of Parasitology, 
Dept. of Life Sciences, UWI, Mona
Dr. Herbert Thompson President, 
Northern Caribbean University
Mr. Everton Hannam (Co-opted) Secretary-General, JNC-UNESCO