26 Aug 2014

International Training Seminar on Caribbean Biosphere Reserves, 2009

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int training seaminar on carribian biosphThe Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO is spearheading efforts towards establishing Biosphere Reserves in the English-speaking Caribbean. In collaboration with the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) and the Government of Spain JNC-UNESCO hosted the “International Training Seminar on Caribbean Biosphere Reserves” at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica on April 5 – 9, 2009.

The keynote address was given by Mrs. Marcia Forbes, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Mining & Telecommunications. Greetings were brought by Dr. Miguel Clüsener Godt (MAB, UNESCO, Paris); Cesar Toro, Programme Specialist, Science, UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean and Everton Hannam, Secretary General, Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO.

There are 531 sites worldwide in 105 countries including the nonEnglish-speaking Caribbean countries of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They support several biosphere reserves in eco-zones including tropical humid forest, tropical dry forest, and coastal marine lands.

Jamaica (English-speaking Caribbean) is proposing that the Portland Bight and the Rio Bueno Valley be set up as Biosphere Reserves.

The presentations outlined below were used as tools to exchange experiences as well as provide the opportunity for discussions on the implementation of the Madrid Action Plan in the Caribbean Region. Eight countries/organizations from the Caribbean Region participated: OECS, Cuba, St. Kitts/Nevis, Dominican Republic, Dominica, Haiti, St. Lucia and Jamaica.

Presentations were made on:

“Insular Biosphere Reserves Management: Case Studies”

  • Implementation of the Madrid Action Plan (MAP) – Dr. Miguel Clüsener-Godt
  • Implementation of the Madrid Action Plan in the Caribbean Region – June Marie Mow
  • BR Juan Fernanadez Archipelago, Chile – Pedro Araya
  • BR Island La Palma, Spain – Antonio San Blas
  • BR Menorca Island, Spain – Juan Rita
  • OECS Finding Common Ground and Synergies between the OPAAL Project and the MAB Programme in the Eastern Caribbean – Sarah George

“Island States in the Caribbean and the MAB Programme”

  • Case Studies on Caribbean Islands Biosphere Reserve Management
  • Cuba – Sierra del Rosario
  • Dominican Republic – Jaragua-Bahorucho-Enriquillo
  • Case Studies on Opportunities for Creating New Biosphere Reserves in the English Speaking Caribbean Island States – Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Kitts/Nevis


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