Natural Sciences

UNESCO works to advance and promote science in the interests of peace, sustainable development and human security and well-being, in close collaboration with its Member States and a wide variety of partners. It is the only United Nations specialized agency, symbolized by the ‘S’ in the acronym, with a specific mandate for science.


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Ronald E. Young, PhD Chair Emeritus Professor of Human & Comparative Physiology, UWI
Dr. Mona Webber Director, Centre for Marine Science, UWI (Mona)
Miss Gail Nelson Science and Development Technology Planner, Planning Institute of Jamaica
Dr. Paul Aiken Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology/
Director, Mona School of Engineering, UWI
Dr. David Smith Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Development
Coordinator of the University Consortium for Small Island States, UWI
Dr. Cliff Riley  Executive Director, Scientific Research Council
Dr. Novelette Sadler-McKnight  Lecturer, Chemistry
Mr. Guy Broucke Programme Specialist for Natural Sciences, UNESCO Kingston Office
Mr. Everton Hannam Secretary-General, JNC-UNESCO
Mr. Fred Hanley? Research and Development Manager, Best Dressed Chicken
Dr. Marcia Roye? Biotech Centre, University of the West Indies
Mr. Carey Brown? Executive Director, JADCO
Mr. Hawthorne Watsol? Executive Director, Scientific Research Council
 Programme Manager, JNC-UNESCO