KNCU 2015 Web Development Project

Since 2013, KNCU has been running the Website Development Project annually, with the aim of enhancing the communication and networking capacities of fellow National Commissions. The project provides National Commissions with the opportunity to develop and manage their own websites.

Three National Commissions in the Caribbean and Central America region have been selected for the 2015 Web Development Project: the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago National Commissions. KNCU will dispatch guidance materials to participating National Commissions to help organize their website structure and prepare website content. A website expert from Sookmyung Women’s University, which assists KNCU in providing technical assistance for the project, will then create the new official websites. KNCU plans to take the project a step further this year by helping to create multilingual websites – in English and Spanish – for the first time, reflecting the needs of the participating National Commissions.

In August, KNCU and the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO (JNCU) will co-organize a Training Workshop for the project in Kingston, Jamaica, following a successful collaboration for last year’s project, resulting from the MOU between the two National Commissions that was signed in 2013. During the workshop, website managers from each of the participating National Commissions will receive hands-on training and expert advice to equip them with the necessary skills to manage and operate their new websites. Also included in the workshop will be two Jamaican participants.

KNCU hopes that the project will increase the capacities of the three participating National Commissions and that the newly created websites will successfully promote cooperation and knowledge sharing among National Commissions.