The Executive Board is one of the 3 governing bodies of UNESCO
– General conference
– Secretariat
– Executive Board
The executive board is comprised of 58 members representing all 6 geographical regions. Membership on this body is for four years.

Jamaica was elected as a member of this body at the 38th Session of the UNESCO General Conference held in 2017 and will serve for four years. Other Caribbean countries on the Executive Board are St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia and Grenada.

Jamaica is represented on this body by the Chairman of the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO (JNC-UNESCO) and Minister with responsibility for UNESCO, Hon. Olivia Grange. Alternate members are:-
Amb. Sheily-Sealy Monteith
Lenford Salmon – Senior Advisor to the Minister
Everton Hannam – Secretary General
JoAnne Archibald – Principal Director, Culture, MCGES
Debra Kay Palmer – MCGES
Gillian McDaniel – Senior Director Entertainment, MCGES

Membership on Executive Board Committees and Commissions
Jamaica served as chair of the committee on Conventions and Recommendations, 2017-2019. Hon. Olivia Grange was the Chairperson.
Jamaica was also a member of
the Bureau of the Executive Board 2017-2019
Non-Governmental Partners (NGP) 2017-2019
Finance and Administration Committee (FA) 2017-2019
Programme and External Relations (PX) 2017-2019

Jamaica will again serve on the following Committees and Commissions for the 2019 – 2021 period.
Bureau of the Executive Board
Programme and External Relations (PX)
Finance and Administration Committee (FA)