World Book and Copyright Day 2015

In 1995, UNESCO declared that the 23rd of April would be celebrated annually as World Book and Copyright Day. The aim of this annual commemorative exercise is to highlight the role of Books and Copyright in the generation and transmission of ideas; in the management and protection of the rights of authors; and in contributing to a culture of peace, tolerance and dialogue.

Ms. Amashika Lorne, final year International Relations student and youth activist visited Stony Hill Primary and All Age School to speak on “World Book & Copyright Day 2015”. She said “This is my community and I have made it a part of my mission to incorporate and disseminate positive messages to the youth. This is the 2nd time I’m volunteering to help spread the significance if this day”.

She spoke to a small group of 16 students who ranged from years 8-15. She explained things like what are copyright laws, who is the author of a piece of work, how long that piece of work remains copyrighted to the author for books (literary) and other types of work and how to copyright work (referencing with information from JIPO’s website). Much time was also spent talking about the significance of books in our societies, figures for youth literacy rates in Jamaica and how she want to ensure that when they are between 14-24 they are counted as persons reading and writing at a satisfactory level as well. The session closed off with an exercise which required the groups of students to come up with a creative spin on the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

She said that she thoroughly enjoyed the session with them and their attentiveness and willingness to participate did not go unnoticed.
Special thanks to Stony Hill Primary and All Age School for accommodating the visit. The principal, Mr. Harvey Brown, and Ms. Maureen Pinnock were so delighted for the visit and knowledge imparted they invited Ms. Lorne back for Read Across Jamaica Day in May, which she whole-heartedly accepted.

World Book: and Copyright Day has been observed in Jamaica since 1998. The commemoration in 2013 was held under the theme “Spreading the Culture of the Written Word”. The Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, JFUCCA and JLS conducted some reading sessions in Kingston and Mandeville. In Kingston, the sessions were aimed at the primary level, pupils of MICO Practising, St. Francis and St. Aloysius. Book Merchant and Headstart supplied the books used.

Previous years’ activities were:

2010 Exhibition displayed in the Lobby of the Towers, 25 Dominica Drive on 23 April 2010 on the theme “Plagiarism
2007 A book fair and panel discussion by students from various schools on the theme “Encouraging and Protecting Creativity”
2006: Launch/discussion at Palace Cineplex, other discussions at NYS Cobbla Camp, Manchester and St. Thomas Technical High School, Morant Bay and Exhibition at Parish Libraries
2005: Quiz Competition, Exhibition and a Panel Discussion 
“The Book as an instrument of peace, harmony and understanding in the Society”
2004: Panel Discussion and Quiz Competition
2003: Interviews
2002: Panel Discussion and Quiz Competition “The Right to Read and to Copy”