International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC)

The aims of IPDC are to:

  • Assist developing countries (by the provision of consultative services where necessary) to prepare and implement information and communication development plans, and to create communication infrastructures
  • Improve consultation and co-ordination among all parties interested in the development of communication
  • To promote regional co-operation among communication institutions;
  • To analyse national and international needs and resources and to prepare studies on international co-operation in the field of information and communication development
  • To promote awareness of the role of communication in development and to improve international exchange of information


Community Radio for the Maroons of Trelawny Town is an IPDC project funded for the operation of a licensed sustainable community radio station that will serve the needs of Accompong and the immediate environs. This is the first initiative of this kind in Accompong and will serve to provide the access to empowerment and development for the 30,000 Maroon community.

Activity: see World Radio Day 2015


July 2011: Twenty-one journalists from 10 Caribbean countries participated in the training workshop “Media  and Democracy” which was held in  in Kingston, Jamaica. This workshop was organized by the Commonwealth  Broadcasting Association (CBA) with funds provided by UNESCO’s International Programme for Development of Communication (IPDC), in collaboration with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), Television Jamaica (TVJ), Creative Production Training Centre (CPTC) and CVM TV in Jamaica.


US$ 20,000 Jamaica: Creative Media and Creative Content Development: Internet Radio/Mobile ICT Lab 2006

US$ 32,000 Department Correctional Services (DCS) – Prison Radio Network (Rehabilitation Radio) 2006



US $20,000 Building mobile, multimedia capacity for rural youth