Labour Day Project at the Homestead Home and Green Expo

Under its UNESCO mandate JFUCCA undertook a Labour Day Project at the Homestead Home and two of its clubs  participated in the Green Expo

Homestead Place of Safety Beautification Project”  was the target of the Labour Day Project undertaken by JFUCCA. The participants included: 
J.F.U.C.C.A.’s President, Ms. Keisha Tomlinson, and executive members
JNC-UNESCO Librarian Mrs. D. Hopkinson
Members of Staff at Homestead Place of Safety and other community members.

Activities conducted were the re-painting of picket fence, benches and tables, curb wall and the planting of flowers.

On June 7th, 2019 some of our clubs attended the Green Expo which was held at The National Arena. YWCA, seen with their Tyre Recycle! Project whilst Holy Trinity High participating in Wysnco’s Plastic Bottle Drive.