Amb Monteith Plenary Presentation

Ambassador/Permanent Delegate of Jamaica during her statement to the Plenary of the 207TH SESSION of THE UNESCO EXECUTIVE BOARD

Mr. Chairman
Madame Director Général
Distinguished Colleagues
Thé délégation of Jamaica aligns itself with thé statement delivered by Brazil on behalf of GRULAC.
We find it necessary to refer with regret, sympathy and solidarity, to thé dévastation occasioned to another member of thé UNESCO SIDS family, thé Commonwealth of Thé Bahamas, by Hurricane Dorian in September of this year.
This development serves as another reminder that climate change is real. Its destructive impacts on SIDS demand increased attention and focus from this august body. Viewed in that context, thé recently-held Caribbean Forum Advocating for SIDS was indeed timely, as it brought into sharp focus a number of important already-known realities and corresponding proposais for action, in relation to thé SIDS agenda. We wish to highlight its affirmation of thé catalytic rôle of thé National Commissions, by which thèse bodies were able to présent their views on how to strategically reposition thé UNESCO SIDS Action Plan. Thé Forum also allowed for a SIDS consultation process with Permanent Delegates, in préparation for thé SAMOA Pathway High-level Review at thé United Nations Général Assembly.
It is now patently clear that in our response to thé SIDS imperatives, it cannot be business as usual. SIDS must be a global priority plan for UNESCO, like Gender and Africa before it.