The Jamaica National Commission implemented four projects:

The Empowerment of At-Risk Youth,

Positive Fathering,

Jamaica Micro Science Project-UNESCO and

BCJ Virtual Digital Literacy Academy.

Empowerment of At-Risk Youth” has two components, Literacy and Cosmetology, operating in five locations at the Manning’s Boys Home in St Elizabeth, St Agustine Place of Safety in Clarendon, Sunbeam Boys Home, Eltham High School and Spanish Town High School in St Catherine. We are in partnership with the Jamaica Library Service and the Ministry of Education to enrich the reading component of the project in the three boys home mentioned. For the cosmetology component we are in partnership with HEART at Spanish Town High School and Eltham High School.
Positive Fathering” after interviews, team meetings data analysis, and a draft report will host a masculinity and fathering training workshop and a session for the dissemination in November.
“BCJ Virtual Literacy Academy” has two animated video pilots in progress and scripts that are being reviewed.
“Micro Science Project” is heartily endorsed by The Ministry of Education who is sold on the idea of introducing the Micro Science Kits in our schools. The Ministry have secured funding to extend the scope of the project and have just completed a training seminar in Micro Science with Teachers in training institutions focusing on sustainable development.