The Jamaica Micro Science Participation Programme Project

“Micro Science Project” is heartily endorsed by The Ministry of Education who is sold on the Idea of introducing the Micro Science Kits in our schools. The Ministry have secured funding to extend the scope of the project and have just completed a training seminar in Micro Science with Teachers in training institutions focusing on sustainable development.

As a followup The Microscience sensitization for St Catherine was held at the GC Foster College, 20 February 2020  It enabled 6 schools to participate in the knowledge sharing and capacity building for the development of science education and scientific thinking and experimentation.

 During the sesitization, two teachers, from the MICO University, conducted a practical demonstration of how the kits could be used to explain DNA and how to extract it from papayas.

The 6 schools included Charlemont HS, Eltham HS, Jonathan Grant HS, Ewarton HS, Enid Bennett HS and Innswood HS