9th Interregional Meeting of National Commissions, 13-15 June 2022

Jamaica will chair this meeting and it is the first time that a National Commission from the Americas will chair this meeting, which will bring together over 190 National Commissions representing all 5 UNESCO Groups.

Secretary-General Everton Hannam will be the President in presentia. Hon Minister Grange will speak  via Video, on the occasion of the opening and closing session of this Meeting. The Opening Session will take place on Monday 13th at 12:00pm (Paris time) which is 5:00am Jamaica time.

The Meeting is scheduled to commence at different times to facilitate the involvement of all the 5 geographical regions experiencing different time Zones.

Taking place in UNESCO during this period will be the following meetings.

  1. Bureau of the IPDC,  15-16 June 2022
  1. 34th Session of the International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB-ICC), 13-17 June 2022. Joy Douglas, Chair MAB Committee will attend in presentia