Project Name

Addressing the Gap of Gender-based Violence: Phase II

Project Overview

To reduce domestic violence in Jamaica through intervention strategies that will target both the victim and the perpetrator. Interventions will include men and boys and also focus on rehabilitating perpetrators, as a strategy to reduce domestic violence.

To increase awareness on the issue of domestic violence in targeted communities and strengthen institutional mechanisms of human service providers.

This project is in keeping with the National Strategic Action Plan to eliminate Gender-based violence in Jamaica (NSAP-GBV, 2017-27), strategic priority Area 1

Project Updates

Last modified on September 20th, 2022 at 6:49 pm

Refocus with a Purpose Empowerment session (Participation Programme project)workshop,

Participation Programme project “Refocus with a Purpose Empowerment session” on Saturday 17 September 2022 at St Mary. The programme included 1.

Update: Addressing the Gap of Gender-based Violence Phase 11: Refocus Perpetrators Programme (RPP)

In continuing the project there were partnership meetings (15) with the Restorative Justice team and with Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network (JaMHAN) – 30 – to plan, coordinate and implement the psycho-educational component of the RPP. Further activities included: Recruitment & Onboarding of Programme Coordinator A clinician training workshop (9) from […]

Addressing the Gap of Gender-based Violence, update

Restorative Justice Officers were assigned to each parish and has started mobilizing participants from St. Mary, Kingston & St.