Project Name

BCJ Virtual Digital Literacy, USD 18,000

Project Overview

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica Virtual Digital Literacy Academy (BCJVDLA), Jamaica's first online platform, to facilitate public education, knowledge-sharing and engagement in activities that promote the development of core competencies in digital media literacy. The BCJVDLA will extend the value, relevance and function of the BCJ as promoter of media literacy in Jamaica. It will also serve to empower Jamaicans to achieve greater levels of media literacy and build their capacity to understand the value of digital media, as well as learn essential skills of exploration, self-regulation and self-expression. The goals of the project are: To empower Jamaican youth through Digital Media Literacy training, to build public awareness and knowledge on the subject of Digital Media Literacy, to encourage the positive use of new media as a change agent and to supplement and improve access to the BCJ's Public Education Content

Project Updates

Project updates have not been posted as yet. Please check back.