Project Name

Build Resilience of Caribbean SIDS to Disasters and Climate Change

Project Overview

Jamaica are among four countries engaged to encourage culture and disaster actors to better integrate their work plans, build a network of technical persons, develop necessary strategies and action plans to ensure that the culture sector fully integrates disaster management in its planning and collaborate and cooperate moving forward.

Dr. Lesley-Gail Atkinson Swaby is the Consultant.

Project Updates

Continuation of Build Resilience of Caribbean SIDS to Disasters and Climate Change

The project continued with two more activities: SAFETY WARDEN/MONITOR TRAINING seminars to build capacity for the culture sector, It was held face to face on March 1, 3 and 8, 2022 at the  Institute of Jamaica’s Lecture Hall by the Jamaica Fire Brigade. About ninety individuals across the culture agencies were engaged in one day […]

Update to Build Resilience of Caribbean SIDS to Disasters and Climate Change: Development of a National Strategy and Plan of Action for Disaster Resilience and Recovery in Jamaica’s Culture Sector

Completed are: Case Study Joint assessment with Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB) of the collection storage areas at the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, the Institute of Jamaica (focus on the National Gallery of Jamaica, National Museums Jamaica and the Natural History Museum […]

Build Resilience of Caribbean SIDS: Virtual Consultations

Dates for the initial virtual consultations: September 1, 2021 – Orientation with Andrea Richards-Cummins, UNESCO September 2, 2021 – Culture Agencies and Repositories (Public sector) o    Institute of Jamaica (African-Caribbean Institute of Jamaica-Jamaica Memory Bank, Natural History Museum, National Museums Jamaica, Junior Centre, Jamaica Music Museum, Liberty Hall – The […]