Project Name

IFCD 2021: Validating Jamaica’s Cultural & Creative Industry…

Project Overview

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity IFCD grant will enable Jamaica to build on the CCI mapping analysis data and develop a robust CCI profile for in-depth situational analysis and strategic development.

The project aims to construct a statistical framework for future data measurement of the CCI-sector. The resulting data will include the currently missing elements of gender and age, enabling strategic development and outcome measurement for these groups as a critical measure, and capturing for the first time how many people, including youth, are engaged in the CCI sector and need to be supported through government investments and sector-oriented policies. Differentiated data further allows the Government of Jamaica to tailor its policy advice and support on a group-specific basis and to inform the strategic direction of private sector investment.

Project Updates

Evaluating Jamaica’s Cultural and Creative Industries

Main activities Conduct a survey to update the mapping of the CCIs, establish a database and identify challenges and opportunities of the sectors. Organize Knowledge Transfer Workshops (KTW) to strengthen the capacities of public entities such as Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN).