Project Name

Talk up Radio Community Outreach

Project Overview

Talk up Radio community Outreach, USD$22,000 (Participation Programme 2020-21)

Talk Up Yout and the UNESCO Participation Programme have partnered for a ‘Let’s Talk Covid’ series of episodes, focusing on young people’s experiences with covid-19. Working with youth in four regions across the island, South East Clarendon, Bull Bay, St. Mary and Hanover, the aim is to give voice to their realities, while highlighting their coping mechanisms and community resilience tactics. As we know from working with young people, their voices are often an afterthought in dialogue about major social issues and our expressed mandate includes addressing this issue by continuing to create avenues for youth voice to be heard in these critical dialogues.

This point of interaction also creates an opportunity for peer to peer mentorship as young people will be able to share their coping mechanisms and experiences with each other, finding novel, youth-friendly solutions to the unique issues young people are facing during this pandemic. At the end of this project, we will share the insights from the interactions with youth to our wider audience, including youth development stakeholders, spreading the knowledge and inviting necessary interventions and investments

Project Updates

Talk Up Yout Roundtable, 25 Nov

The final exercise for the project was a Webinar/Roundtable, 25 November 2021 that was hosted by Empress Golding who also gave Opening Remarks. At the end of this project a COVID kit is to be developed to be shared with wider youth audience, to include youth development stakeholders.

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Youth Community/COVID Resilience – St. Mary

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Let’s Talk Covid – Bull Bay

Host: Damian Scarlett | Demoye Whiteley/Sabrina Porter Introduction / Community History & Highlights on Bull Bay The young people respond to the pandemic’s impact on their Mental Health, family life and finances. The young people respond to the pandemic’s impact on Online School, Technology Access (devices and internet) as well […]