Project Name

YAM LINKS [Youth engaging youth through interpersonal, performing arts and social media

Project Overview

To enable YAM members to outreach to adolescents and youth in communities in the six parishes. The 25 members will present SRHR sessions in selected schools, youth groups and informal settings 'on the corner' to reach unattached youth. Members are trained to conduct interactive sessions - engaging the audience in song, drama and poetry. One of the consultants will participate in sessions to strengthen the skills and confidence of the YAM members to engage in that way. This consultant will spend 2 sessions with each group of YAM members (Note - YAM members are encouraged to work in pairs). The second consultant has social media skills and will design material that can be uploaded to the Association's social media platforms - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Project Updates

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The Jamaica Family Planning Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) held “Vibrant Voices” as a Youth month activity on 25 October which is the International day for the elimination of violence against our women and girls. After welcome and introduction the event had 6 SKIT performances by YAM members.

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YAM LINK, June 2023

UNESCO Participation Programme “YAM Link (Youth Engaging Youth through Interpersonal, Performing Arts & Social Media) has completed the following: 8 Theatre Arts Sessions, 20 May -24 June 8 Social Media sessions, 13 May-30 June 1 Outreach Activity, 29 June – A health fair at Kingston Technical High School.