12 UNESCO Youth Forum, 19 November

12th UNESCO Youth Forum, Online, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. CET (Paris time). It will bring together young people from around the world to discuss how UNESCO’s mandate can be mobilized to fight the negative effects of the pandemic on youth. The Forum will give rise to a draft Plan of Action by and for Youth for the post-COVID-19 period that will be presented to Member States at the General Conference. Jamaica’s rep is Jada Powell. Spoke about her experience:

“It’s been a privilege representing Jamaica and the LAC region. Myself, as well as the other participants, were committed to ensuring that we raise the concerns of all the issues affecting us as youth. Although it was a tight timeframe, it was all very well organized and executed. It was also clear that all our opinions mattered. For me, that showed that there is indeed no discrimination-just a group of individuals working together for the betterment of our future.”