1st virtual Open-Ended Working Group on MAB Youth,10 November 2022.

1st virtual meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group on MAB Youth on 10 November 2022.

Terms of Reference:
a. The OEWG will discuss proposals for more strategic Youth involvement in the MAB Programme at national, regional and international levels, including a) those proposed in document SC-22/CONF.234/11; b) those raised at the 34th session of the MAB-ICC, and; c) any potential additional proposal collected during the meeting(s) of the WG;
b. The OEWG will incorporate the views of youth during its deliberations, including the existing regional and national youth networks related to the MAB Programme;
c. On the basis of the above, the OEWG will develop a set of concrete proposals for youth involvement for all levels of the MAB programme. d. The OEWG will report to the ICC at its 35th Session.