Regional Meeting of NATCOM for Latin American & Caribbean Regions, Uruguay

Jamaica Elected as a Vice Chair at the Regional Meeting of National Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean held in Uruguay 22-23 November 2018.

Secretary-General Everton Hannam was elected as one of the Vice-Chairman for the captioned meeting to look at the following:
• 70th Anniversary of the universal declaration of Human Rights
• Contribution of the National Commissions to the UNESCO Agenda on Human Rights in the Frame work of the 70th Executive Board, 205th Session Anniversary
• Strategic transformation / role of the National Commission
• Strengthening cooperation between Natcom and relevant UNESCO partners at the Latin American and Caribbean Region
• Following up of the recommendations from the 5th International meeting of National Commission for UNESCO

Proposal for the establishment of a voluntary and informal Network of National Commission for UNESCO of Latin America and the Caribbean. Jamaica was elected along with Cuba, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay to form the Informal Working Group.