Dr Lloyd Waller Chair Executive Director, Global Tourism Resilience & Crisis Management Centre, UWI
Dr Nadeen Spence Deputy Chair Deputy Chair Student Services & Development Manager/Programme Coordinator, UWI
Mr. Orville Byfield Head, Caribbean School of Sport Sciences, UTECH
Mrs. Suzzette Irvin-Ison Director, Sport Policy Development, Sport Division
Ms. Carolyn Riley c/o Ministry of Tourism, 64 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5
Dr. Gavin Daley Department of Government, UWI
Mrs. Nicola Satchell Department of Government, UWI
Mr. Fabian Miller UTECH
Ms. Shinique Walters Department of Government, UWI
Ms. Iris ‘Terri’ Salmon 33 Kings Drive, Kingston 6
Mrs. Peisha Bryan Vision 2030 Jamaica Secretariat, PIOJ
Ms. Justine Salmon 7a Jackson Road, Kingston 2
Mr. Sujae Boswell Jamaica Youth Ambassador-Commonwealth
Mr. Howard Reid
Mr. Trevor Johnson UWI
Mr N Wright UTECH
Mr. Davion Vassell No7 Duke Street
Mrs Siddier Chambers Bureau of Gender Affairs
Ms Kamila Hylton
Programme Specialist, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean
Dr Maria Smith  Programme Manager, JNC-UNESCO