Participation Programme

  • In 1957-1958 the term “Participation Programme” was used for the first time in the Programme and Budget.
  • Originally assistance was given to Member States for unplanned activities –  “technical aid services for special activities”.

The UNESCO Participation Programme is an integral part of the Organization’s biennial programme.

It is a means of:

  • Strengthening partnerships
  • Improving the relevance of regional cooperation,
  • Boosting the action of the National Commissions for UNESCO and strengthening their capacities,
  • Involving the Secretariat’s sectors and services more closely in the evaluation and implementation of projects.

The effectiveness of the Participation Programme:

  • Lies in the improvement it brings to project implementation
  • The contribution it makes to the ongoing task of achieving greater synergy between the efforts of Member States and those of the UNESCO Secretariat

The projects or action plans submitted must relate to the activities of the Organization and the activities of the National Commissions for UNESCO. The different types of assistance that can be requested under the Participation Programme are as follows:

  1. Specialist and consultant services
  2. Study grants and fellowships
  3. Publications, periodicals and documentation
  4. Conferences, meetings, seminars or training courses

Contribution to Jamaica’s development

Over the years Jamaica has received support for a number of projects. These include conferences, seminars, training programmes and publications.

“Preparing young people for greatness” 24-25 November at the Four Seasons Hotel.
JFUCCA is conducting a UNESCO Clubs Coordinators Training Workshop under the auspicies of the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO and funded under the UNESCO Participation Programme (since war begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed…)
Senator Pearnel Charles Jr brought greetings along with Andrea Burbano-Fuertes, UNESCO Caribbean Office.

Two lectures will be delivered by Guy Djoken, UNESCO Centre for Peace:
1.  “Social Entrepreneurship – Making A Global Impact”. at the School of Nursing, UWI -21 November at 4:30pm
2. “United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development” at St Andrews High School – 22 November at 2:30 pm

These lectures are under the UNESCO  Participation Programme “Engaging Youth in UNESCO Related Activities (JFUCCA/UNESCO CLUB: 16,000.00)”

Mobile Application Development Workshop: an UNESCO Participation Programme Project was held 7-8 November 2015 at the School of Education Computer Lab, UWI. Together with the app development components there was a technological entrepreneurship component.
There were 30, mostly male, participants from all 14 parishes of Jamaica. The group was so highly motivated that the facilitators would continue working with some of them to add finishing touches to their apps.

2012-2013: Three (3) projects approved

  • UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts – USD24,250 (Regional)
  • Support the Preservation and Access to the National Indentureship Collection – USD26,000
  • Increasing the Visibility of UNESCO through a Train the Trainers Programme for Jamaica Youth – USD15,000

2010-2011: Five (5) projects approved

  • Reactivation of emergency schooling in Haiti – (US25,000)
  • Change through Art –  JCDC (US26,000)
  • Increasing the visibility of UNESCO –  (US15,000)
  • Support to the National Bioethics Committee of Jamaica  – NBCJ (US18,000)
  • Teacher management and promoting teacher quality through the development of national standards for the teaching of Mathematics and English Language” – Jamaica Teaching Council (US20,000)

Jamaica Teaching Council presented with their Participation Programme cheque. In picture is Hon. Olivia Grange, Chairperson, Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO; Dr. Boafo, Director, UNESCO Caribbean Office with Dr. Winsome Gordon of the Jamaica Teaching Council.

part-prog-2Dr. Boafo, Director, UNESCO Caribbean Office, presented Hon. Olivia Grange, Chairperson, Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, with a cheque of over 10 million JAD. Observing the presentation is Everton Hannam, Secretary General, JNC-UNESCO

2008-2009: US83,600 was distributed in support of four projects

        • Speech and Language Therapy – Jamaican Association on Mental Retardation (US16,000)
        • Secondary Level Education for Adults with Disabilities – The Combined Disabilities Association (US25,000)
        • Reproduction & Distribution of Historical DVD series “Time Trip” (US25,000)
  • “The Jamaican Theatre: Highlights of the Performing Arts in the 20th Century” – Wycliffe & Hazel Bennett (US17,000).


Dr. Hazel Bennett presented a copy of the book to Hon. Olivia Grange, Chairperson, Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO. Observing the presentation is Dr. Boafo, Director, UNESCO Caribbean Office; Everton Hannam, Secretary General, JNC-UNESCO and Dr Maria Smith, Programme Manager, JNC-UNESCO.

Two other projects were later approved (US$35,000.00):

      • Transformation and Social Action Through Collaboration – CVSS (US10,000). The Conference took place in Kingston from June 29 – July 1, 2010 as part of an ongoing effort of The Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) for positive national transformation.
      • Reforming the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) and Improving the Quality of Education offered to Students in Grades 4, 5 & 6 Throughout Jamaica – Tania Lowe Williams (US25,000)

2006-07: Projects approved and completed for the biennium:

      • “School Based Waste Water Treatment System for Sustainable Science and Technology Application” – Scientific Research Council and implemented at the Alston High School in Clarendon (US15,000)
      • ACIJ/JMB CD-ROM on Jamaica Folk Religions (US15,000)


      • Breaking the Silence: an exhibition on the Jamaican Slave experience – Natcom Slave Route Project Committee (US20,000). This was completed as a series of 30 interactive essays on DVDs

part-prog-6One project was approved for the NATCOM and the fifth project was eventually cancelled.


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