The Caribbean Network of Educational Innovation for Development (CARNEID), is one of five regional networks established by UNESCO to promote systematic contact among educational institutions in order to promote educational innovation and change. The four other networks are APEID in Asia, NEIDA in Africa, EIPDAS in the Arab States, and CODIESEE in Europe.

The most important decision making body of the network is the Biennial Consultation Meeting. At this meeting, participants are invited to advise the Regional Coordinator and, through her, the Director General of UNESCO on matters relating to the operation and the programme orientation of the Coordinating Centre. Specifically, the meeting assists with the review of the work of the Network for the preceding biennium and with the development of a work programme for the succeeding biennium. The meeting also serves as a forum for policy dialogue and decision-making which impacts, not just on the Coordinating Centre, but on the course of education in the region generally.