Empowering the Revival Community in Jamaica in safeguarding their heritage

This Participation Programme project is aimed at sensitizing people in communities across Jamaica and the Diaspora in respecting and safeguarding the Revival Heritage.

Seminars on Empowering Revival Communities Seminars and presentation of the Book “Revivalism: representing an Afro-Jamaican identity” were held

22 March – St James Parish Library, Montego Bay

23 March – St Ann Parish Library, St. Ann

25 March – Manchester Parish Library, Mandeville

05 April – Kingston/St. Andrew

It created a space for practitioners, researchers and academics to focus on Revivalism with Exhortations by Revival Bishops Leroy Shaw, Christopher Bishop, Ray Foster (St James), Robert Clarke, Eric Guthrie, Racquel Broderick (St Ann), Jason Hal and Secretary Grant (Manchester). There was presentation on Revivalism by Dr Maria Smith with panel discussion and VoxPop hosted by Marlon Williams, (Ministry of Education & Youth) and Culture activist David Reid. There was also panel discussion with Revival Bishops (Archbishop Donovan Morgan, Bishops Basil Hutchinson and Raleigh Christie) led by Dr Claudette Clarke.

We thank the Jamaica Library Service for being one of our partners as we seek to Empower Revival Communities in Jamaica in Safeguarding their Heritage