Let’s Talk Covid – Bull Bay

Host: Damian Scarlett | Demoye Whiteley/Sabrina Porter

Introduction / Community History & Highlights on Bull Bay
The young people respond to the pandemic’s impact on their Mental Health, family life
and finances.
The young people respond to the pandemic’s impact on Online School, Technology Access
(devices and internet) as well as share Education tips.
Our community Liaison from Bull Bay shares with us and responds to the youth voices
on the pandemic’s impact on their Future.
Youth will share their thoughts on Climate Change and Covid-19 Vaccines.
Interview: (Teacher) from Bull Bay Community
 We thought it best to also highlight the teachers experience with Covid-19 and their
transition from face to face to Online school.
 It helps us to see how they have been engaging the students
 We will talk with a Geography teacher from Donald Quarrie High School. He teaches
Upper and Lower School
 The teacher will also have an opportunity to interact the response of the youth regarding
Online school.
 We will share Resources for the youth – avenues for help