Presentation of the YAR research findings

The  team explored the extent to which ZOSO implemented in the Denham Town community was effective in addressing crime and violence in the said community from a social interventionist standpoint.
The researchers were minded to study this area as not much has been documented thus far about the impact that ZOSO has had in the spaces they have been implemented and therefore, it is the expectation that this research will provide findings that can inform policy decisions and future actions by the government.
The findings from the research “Co-creating Knowledge Production on Peace and Security in Jamaica” was presented at a special forum at the Terre Nova Hotel on March 16 2022. At the forum, various stakeholders was in attendance from different sectors of the society to include those who control the levers of policy development and implementation.
The activity also included a panel discussion “Reflecting on Youth-led Microprojects” and “Amplifying Youth through Internships”.
Remarks were brought by Shauna Trowers, CTD, Ministry of National Security; Dr Saadia Sanchez Vegas, Director & Representative, UNESCO Cluster Office for the Caribbean and Mrs Denie Antonio, Resident Representative, UNDP.