Webinar: Disaster  heritage

IGCP project IGCP718 and IGCP692 (a partner project) presented this webinar on disaster  heritage with moderator Dr. Sherene James-Williamson, member of the JNC-UNESCO Science Advisory Committee/leader of the project.  Speakers were Dr Robert Kinlocke, Dr Shani Roper, Dr Lesley-Gail Atkinson Swaby, Dr Marie Hardy-Seguette (Martinique) and Dr Patrice J Pinder on topics as:
  • Resilience theory and heritage.
  • Time, memory and disaster memorialization, Vulnerability of the culture sector.
  • Memorial of the disaster 1902.
  • Building coping strategies and resilience among young children…
NOTE: Dr Swaby spoke on her research with the JNC-UNESCO project Build Resilience of Caribbean SIDS to Disasters and Climate Change: Development of a National Strategy and Plan of Action for Disaster Resilience and Recovery in Jamaica’s Culture Sector