UNESCO renowned cultural conventions provide a unique global platform for international cooperation and establish a holistic cultural governance system based on human rights and shared values. These international treaties endeavour to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage including ancient archaeological sites, intangible and underwater heritage, museum collections, oral traditions and other forms of heritage, and to support creativity, innovation and the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors.


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Mr. Mark Thomas Chairperson
Mr. Vivian Chin Executive Director, Jamaica National Heritage Trust
Principal Director of Culture, Ministry of Youth and Culture
Ms. Carol Newman General Manager, JAMCOPY
Mr. Bernard Jankee Director, ACIJ
Mr. Delroy Gordon Executive Director, JCDC
Ms. Annmarie Bonner Executive Director, Institute of Jamaica
Ms. Stephanie Abrahams Jamaica Producers
Ms. Donna Hayes
Ms. Krystal Tomlinson Youth Representative
Programme Specialist, UNESCO Caribbean Office
Mr. Everton Hannam Secretary-General, JNC-UNESCO
Programme Manager, JNC-UNESCO